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Friday, December 31, 2010

The V Word.

Viewing this blog's stats, I note between 20-50 consistent hits a day. People from Slovenia, Netherlands, Japan, USA, Canada, UK and more are reading this blog. I really appreciate the interest and hope people are getting something from it. When I read other blogs, and there is a ton of Autism related ones (see blog list right for Blogger website that lists most of them), I note, generally speaking, there seems to be two camps. Those who are science based in their approach, and those who are ......shall we say broadminded. Those who hold the opinion vaccines have no correlative link to ASD, and those that refuse to immunise their children. Those that embrace the bio-medical approach, and those that dismiss the concept. Those that try homeopathy and chiropractic treatments, and those that scoff at them. You only have to google books about Autism to see this split goes right through to the medical and pseudo medical communities. Books arguing one position and then another countering the formers claims. It's a real bun fight.

Anyway I thought it only reasonable for me to lay my cards on the table so those reading can be warned about my position and thereby determine whether or not they wish to continue reading. I say this because as I read more about these schizms within the ASD community I will probably have more to say about it, and although I don't wish to cause offence, I may well do that.

So here it is. I am strongly pro vaccination. I chose Harri's ABA treatment based on well established research. I do not believe Homeopathy works at all, and particularly not for a neurological disorder. Same goes for Chiropractic. I have not even considered a bio medical approach. Both because there is no science to validate it's use that I can find, and because I see no evidence that diet plays any part in Harri's behaviours. Having said that, I would consider it if I did see some behavioural or physical changes based on what he consumed. I admit to giving my kids fish oil. I know the jury is out on it's effectiveness, but I see no potential harm.

There is an entire industry that thrives on bogus 'cures' for ASD people. Sadly many parents only discover they have been misled once they have invested an enormous amount of money and precious time. I encourage all those who read this blog to research carefully before embarking on any course of action for their ASD child. The choices I have made for my son may not be the best for your children, but at least once you make a decision based on sound analysis you can avoid many potential pitfalls. I'll take this opportunity to again mention They have an Autism section.

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